Sūþseaxna rīce
Kingdom of Sussex
477–825 Wyvern of Wessex.png

Flag of Sussex<p> Flag

Britain around AD 800
Capital Selsey
Language(s) Old English (Englisc)
Religion Paganism
Western Christianity
Government Monarchy
 - 477-491 or later Ælle
 - c.660-665 Æðelwealh
 - Established 477
 - Disestablished 825

The Kingdom of Sussex or Kingdom of the South Saxons (Old English: Sūþseaxna rīce) was one of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, the boundaries of which coincided in general with those of the earlier kingdom of the Regnenses and the later county of Sussex. A large part of that district, however, was covered in early times by the Forest of Andred. It was ruled by the kings of Sussex.


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